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Lman eye brows before tattooed with permanent cosmetics, pigmentman eyebrows and upper and lower eyeliner after being tattooed with permanent cosmetics pigment, hypoallergenic.
Left:  Enhanced eyebrows and a little eyeliner.
Man brows before permanent makeup, cosmetics to enhance a mans eyebrows
Right:  Before and after a little eyebrow
enhancement. (Tattooed)
man eyebrows after being tattooed with permanent cosmetics, pigments to enhance a mans brows. won't rub off, wash off,, smear or smudge. wash and go, wake up with brows
Below:  Before a little lower eyeliner to enhance the eyes.  (Tattooed)
eyeliner tattoo on man
man eyeliner tattooed with permanent cosmetics, makeup, pigment to enhance a man's eyes. won't smudge, smear, rub off, wash off.

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