Everlasting Beauty Permanent - Services/Pricing
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Services:   (prices include 2nd session if needed, within four weeks)
Upper eyeliner                        425.00
Lower eyeliner                        300.00
           Both   700.00 
Mucosal Eyeliner                      450.00
           (inside the lower lash line) 
Eyebrows                                  600.00 
Lip liner only                            450.00
Full lips only                             650.00
        Both   700.00 
Beauty Marks                               75.00 
Eyelash tinting                            75.00                          
Meta Therapy Facial                  125.00    45 min.
Raindrop Therapy with
Young Living Essential Oils
              Complete treatment:
                      Feet and back with oils, hot stones, hot towels                                   and  massage.       125.00    60 min.                                     
Scar Camouflaging, areola, nipples, are priced on an individual, personal basis. 
Package prices available.  All tattooing procedures include one follow up visit within one month for any fine tuning or tweaking.  There will be a minimal fee for any changes of design that may require additional sessions.  Any future sessions, fees will be half price.
                              Credit/Debit Cards Accepted
Looking forward to enhancing your beauty,
                         Nancy Berner Smith LPN
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